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Are you paying the right amount of Tax? This is a question that 99% of people ask themselves. Choosing the right Tax Accountant will help ensure you only pay what you need to through claiming the right offsets, deductions and exemptions. Tax is complicated which is why you need to hire a qualified Accountant to submit your personal and business tax returns. Book a meeting with Chomp Accountants today and see how we can take the stress out of managing your Tax obligations.

Personal Tax Accountant


When it comes to personal or individual tax there is a lot to consider. Do you receive income from a PAYG employer? Do you receive dividends from shares? Are the dividends franked or unfranked? Are you self employed? Are you set up as a sole trader, partnership or limited liability company? Did you inherit any assets in the last 12 months which triggered a Capital Gains Tax event? Do you receive rental income? What capital improvements have been made? This is just the tip of the iceberg and there is a lot to know and consider to make sure you are paying the correct amount of tax. Maybe you are paying too much tax! Unless you speak to a qualified tax expert you won’t know. Arrange a free discovery call with Chomp Accountants today and we will give you the best advice and way forward.


Do you need a Tax Specialist to complete your next return? Or are you looking for tax planning advice to make sure you minimising your tax obligations? Give Chomp Accountants a call today or schedule a free meeting and we can help you get on top of your tax returns. From Individual Tax Returns to Corporate Tax Returns and Self Managed Superannuation Funds & Trusts. We are a specialist Tax Agent ready to do the heavy lifting and maximise your available cash.


Do you need a qualified Tax Agent to submit your Personal Tax Return? Contact the team at Chomp Accountants today for a no obligation chat on how we can help you legally minimise the amount of tax you need to pay. We understand, tax is complicated and there are many rules and regulations which need to be followed in order to avoid penalties and fines from your local tax authority. Take the stress out of your tax returns today and speak with a qualified Tax Agent at Chomp Accountants.

Personal Tax Return Submission

Our Personal Tax Return service includes:

  • A comprehensive review of your income streams
  • Accurate and timely submission of your personal tax return
  • Advice on how to legally minimise the amount of tax you need to pay
  • Representation where required
  • Access to qualified tax agents and accountants
  • Digitised tax records for you to access from your phone or laptop


We have expertise in Company Tax Returns for different types of businesses including sole traders, partnerships, limited liability companies, Self Managed Super Funds, Trusts and Holding Companies. If you need some advice or would like someone to submit your annual company tax return then get in touch with one of our Company Tax Specialists today.

Company Tax Accountant

Our Company Tax Return services include:

  • Complete review of organisation structure and its tax efficiency
  • Quarterly planning sessions to optimise tax obligations
  • Completed set of tax accounts
  • Submission to relevant tax authority
  • Online records of accounts, submissions, payments and balances
  • Representation where required


If you have set up your own Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) then you need to submit an annual tax return for the fund itself. The SMSF will generate returns in the form of dividends, rental income or capital gains depending on the types of assets owned or sold by the fund. Self Managed Superannuation Funds can be set up as a Trust or Unit Trusts and there is specific tax rules which need to be applied to the fund and its beneficiaries. Speak to one of our Tax Agents today about Self Managed Super Fund tax returns.

Self Managed Super Fund Tax Accountant

Our SMSF Tax Return services include:

  • Annual SMSF Reconciliation
  • Beneficiary income distribution certificates
  • Tax return completion and submission for funds
  • Advice on optimising SMSF structures from a tax perspective
  • Setting up a Self Managed Superannuation Fund
  • Access to qualified Financial Advisors and Accountants


A Trust is not deemed to be a separate taxable entity by law, but the trustee must lodge a tax return for the trust. The trustee is responsible for managing the trust’s tax affairs, including registering the trust in the tax system, lodging annual trust tax returns and paying any tax liabilities. The beneficiaries of the trust must also declare the amount of their entitlement to the trust’s income in their own tax return. The beneficiaries include their share of the trust’s net income in their tax returns and may need to pay instalments on their expected tax liability through the pay as you go (PAYG) instalment system.

If a trust is carrying on a business, the trustee may have employer obligations. Special rules apply to closely held trusts or where a beneficiary is a non-resident. If you need support in managing a Trust’s tax return then get in touch with one of our Tax specialists today,

Unit Trust Tax Return

Our Unit Trust Tax Return services include:

  • Trust creation and structuring
  • Trust tax registration
  • Annual submission of the annual Trust Tax Return
  • Validation of the beneficiaries income distribution
  • Trust tax planning advice


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